What I’ve Learnt This Week: Photography Tips From Around The ‘Net (28th February 2010)

This is going to be the first of a regular feature, as I’m always browsing the hundreds of fantastic photography websites out there, and finding – and thus learning – more and more. I want to share these great features and articles with you – hopefully you’ll take as much from them as I do, and your photography knowledge – and thus, your photos – will improve as a result.

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Flash Photography With Canon EOS Cameras

This is the guide to flash photography if you have a Canon EOS (such as the 500D, which is what I use, available at Amazon here). Not only does it cover the use of the tiny onboard flash, but it also goes into massive depth on the the use of external flashes, such as the 430 Ex ii. If you’re interested in flash, visit and bookmark this guide you -won’t regret it!

From Lightstalking.com: What Every Landscape Photographer Should Know About LensesWhat Every Landscape Photographer Should Know About Lenses

A great article from LightStalking.com that every budding landscape photographer should read. It talks about the different types of lenses you’ll need to consider, including great tips on choices of focal length and aperture. A recommended read.

Darkening A Room By Adding LightDarkening A Room By Adding Light

Yes, the idea sounds strange, but, as the article shows, it works! This is a great little guide on how to get that pitch-black background (by severely underexposing everything behind the subject – in this case, a hanging lemon!) whilst retaining great light on the foregound, using external flash.

Miss Aniela: Bending Over Backwards In PhotoshopBending Over Backwards In Photoshop. Literally.

A great article from amazingly creative photographer, Miss Aniela, showing us how she created one of her wonderful self-portraits, step-by-step. You don’t often get such a detailed insight into the magic of photographers, so lap this article up! (If she was a magician, I think she would’ve been thrown out of the Magic Circle…!)

DPS: 21 Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers21 Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

I think you can really learn a lot about photography by studying wedding shots – and, even better, by taking those shots yourself. If it’s known in your family and circle of friends that you are serious about your photography (and they see you have a fancy SLR!) then you’ll be asked to take photos at an upcoming nuptials at some point – read this guide so you can be prepared for the mammoth photography task awaiting you…!

I hope you find some of these useful – check back next week for another selection of great photography tips and tricks from around the ‘net. Ooh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter too…

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