15 Great Photos Shot With A Canon Rebel T2i / 550D (And How They Were Taken)

'Lost' sunset photo taken with Canon Rebel 550D / T2i


By Robby Ryke

What beautiful light! Perfectly metered to keep those luscious reds and oranges in the sky, with a fast shutter speed of 1/500 sec. A relatively small aperture of f/10 means a good amount of sharpness throughout the shot too.

Untitled photo of escalators taken with a 550d / T21


By Thiago C Almeida

A wide 18mm focal length makes the most of this unusual perspective, including the virtually-perfect symmetry of the two escalators. Black and white really works to turn our attention to the composition and texture, too. A lovely shot.


Far Away Easter, high ISO, lowlight portrait 550D / t2i

'Far Away Easter'

By Michael Batfish

What a lovely portrait! This shot shows off the T2i / 550D’s very impressive ISO performance, as this was shot at a very high ISO of 6400 – and yet the shot is very clean, with not much ‘digital noise’ at all. A high ISO was needed to get the fast shutter speed of 1/80 sec, as, even with a wide aperture of f/5.6, the room was just too dark to take a sharp shot without raising the ISO so high. (By the way, I did a tutorial on how to take sharp photos in low light without a flash)

Part 3 has even more great examples —>


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  1. @LearningTheLight Thanks for using my photo of the cat! It was actually one of the very first pictures I took with the T2i!

    I was wondering if I could shameless request instead of linking back to my Flickr page for attribution could you link to my LearningDSLRVideo.com site?

    Thanks, Dave

  2. No problem, Dave – done. Cheers!

  3. Robby Ryke /

    I would also like to say thanks! Cheers

  4. Thanks! I appreciate it. You have a pretty neat site, but I could not locate your name? Who are you?

  5. Thanks, Dave. My name is Alan – strange to think I haven’t written that anywhere up to now, will update my ‘about’ page!

  6. Ola, o site esta muito bom, uma bela iniciativa…

    eu fico muito feliz em estar participando aqui, mostrando meu trabalho, e como foi feito…


  7. Hi Thiago, thanks very much for your message. Using the http://uk.babelfish.yahoo.com/ translation tool, I think you said you’re happy to be contributing to the website – thanks also for your kind words, and for your fantastic photography!

    The below is the above comment translated too:

    Olá! Thiago, agradecimentos muito para sua mensagem. Usando a ferramenta de tradução de http://uk.babelfish.yahoo.com/, eu penso que você disse you’ re feliz contribuir igualmente ao Web site – agradecimentos para suas palavras amáveis, e para sua fotografia fantástica!

  8. wow this is slick thanks so much I just bought a new T2i and really new in Photography, this shots are amazing and even have a Exposure Guide for us who are new. Please update some more pictures and out the settings you used so we can learn thanks so much. Been looking for a site for the T2i with exposure guide like this so I can learn more.

  9. Hi, You have a pretty neat site and fantastic information and tutorials, thank u !!

  10. agnes /


    i just got Canon 550D and normally do food photography.

    Admit that still learning how to use the camera so need some tips how to use it to make my pics most vivid and sharp.

    Also, what do you think about the zoom in this kit?

    Many thanks.

  11. Hi Agnes. There are some tips in our ‘How To Take Sharp Photos In Lowlight Without A Flash Tutorial‘ which should be able to help you. Regarding the zoom lens that comes in the kit, well this is actually a pretty good lens, so you should be able to get some great shots. Feel free to join our facebook page where you can ask us for any advice, post photos and provide feedback on other people shots too, if you like.

  12. Aftab Alam /

    I bought a Canon 550D 18-135 mm. My real purpose of photography is to shoot birds and wild animals from a distant location, say about 500 feet. When I zoom the lens and press the magnifying button (+), the view finder shows very good zoomed image of the object. But when I press the shutter button fully, the picture snapped shows as if the object is taken from the distant place. In other words, the picture did not fit into the frame fully as shown in view finder. How can I take enlarged image of the object from a distant place (500 feet) that can fit into the whole frame?

  13. Hi Aftab, thanks for your comment, I’ll try to help: When you press the ‘+’ button, that is just magnifying the image within the LCD screen, it’s not actually extending the reach of your lens. It’s really meant to be used to check that you have your subject in focus. What you’ll actually need to take photos of distant wildlife so they take up the entire frame is a longer, ‘telephoto’ lens – a lens of 250mm or even longer would really be needed. At the moment, your zoom lens only zooms as far as 135mm, which isn’t really long enough. I just did a small guide to focal length at http://www.learningthelight.com/2011/04/05/photography-terms-explained-focal-length/ which should explain what I mean in a bit more depth.

  14. Richard /


    I would be happy if someone could point me in the direction of a “mid-range” camera which will be the best for “long-exposure” landscape/architecture photography.

    I have read about things such as “bulb” settings, and camera lock-up, and it is becoming a little confusing, as there are so many models out there, and all the reviews are overwhelming.

    I am inspired by the following Photographers, and moving in this direction, your replies appreciated.




    Also, any tips on how to achieve these shots will be great.



  15. Hi Richard, sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. It really depends on what kind of budget you’re looking at – you say ‘mid-range’, but that could still mean quite a lot of different possibilities. Any modern DSLR will have a ‘Bulb’ setting, which means you can keep the shutter open for as long as you want to – perfect for the long exposure photography you want to get into.

  16. bugus /

    wats the best single lens that could do a gud tele shot and close up shots

  17. For the T2i / 550D? A good budget lens is the 55 – 250, which I’ve done a review of here.

  18. Natalie /

    I just got the canon rebel t2i, and I was wondering how I can shoot the first picture at the top of this page. A self portrait in black and white, with me blurred in the back..what setting does my camera need to be on, and does the room need to have lots of light??

  19. Natalie /

    What settings does my camera need to be on to get the photo like the very first one at the top in black and white? Does there neeed to be a lot of light?

  20. Hi Natalie. Sorry for the delay in replying. Try using your camera in Aperture Priority mode – AV. Then choose a low f-number (if you have the kit lens, this will probably be f/3.5 with the zoom at its widest setting). Using a wide aperture like this means your subject will be sharp, whilst the background will be out of focus. Focus on the camera in the mirror, and you should then be blurred in the background. The wide aperture will also mean you can take shots in lower light, but you may have to raise the iso to 1600 or 3200 if the room is really dim. Hope that helps!

  21. i just wanted to know how i can take real nice pictures with my D550,in different situations like cloudy weather,sun shining,night but light,,,and normal weather….I’ll appreciate if there is an answer for this questions,,,

  22. Hi Ai, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I couldn’t really give advice on how to take great photos in every situation, but I did do a review of the 550D Digital Field Guide book which would be ideal for you. Also, if you look around the site, you should find some good tips and advice – such as how to take sharp photos in lowlight, how to get those lovely blurred backgrounds and more photography tips here.

  23. Hello!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this brilliant feature. I am on the verge of investing in this camera and I think you may have just pushed me over the edge – credit card at the ready. I wonder if you know whether or not all of these shots were taken with the kit lens?
    Thanks again,

  24. Hi Hannah – you won’t be disappointed if you do invest, it’s a great camera. I think these shots were all taken with a variety of lenses, though the kit lens is definitely competent.

  25. Thomas /

    Hi I am a beginner to photography and I really like that “Rita La Bam” picture, I was wondering if that picture was taken with flash and if it wasn’t then how could you achieve that lighting focusing on their faces like that while the background is all dark and defocused?

  26. The exif data for that shot shows that the flash didn’t fire so I imagine they were just standing in a well-lit area of the street.

  27. Ammar /

    Thank you very much for your valuable effort. I’ve learned a lot from your website.

  28. Thank you so much!


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