Great iPad App To Improve Your Photography: Guardian Eyewitness

Right, first off, a little apology: I haven’t posted in about a month! That is absolutely awful, and will not happen again. I did have a very good reason for this lack of updating, though, as I have just moved into my very first house, and have been without internet access for far too long…! I know, excuses, excuses…but it won’t happen again, I promise.

Anyways, this will be a pretty short post, as I’m still really busy with trying to make my house livable – so much to do! – but I wanted to just write a little about a fantastic free app for the iPad – called Guardian Eyewitness (available to download from iTunes here).

Guardian Eyewitness iPad App

Guardian Eyewitness iPad App

As this site is all about learning photography, anyone who is reading this and owns an iPad (or is thinking of making the splurge – I heartily recommend it, the screen is fantastic, so amazing to view photos on) should definitely get this app. Basically, it’s an app that showcases the fantastic photography from the Guardian (a UK newspaper), and when you first get the app, it will download the latest 100 photos, and each day after that you’ll get a brand new spanking one delivered direct to your iPad.

Now, not only are the photos themselves fantastic, looking absolutely amazing on the iPad’s beautiful screen, but along with each photo you get a ‘Pro Tip’, explaining just how that particular photo had been taken. That’s right, you’re getting fantastic photos, updated daily, and with photography tips too – all for free! I just love it.

The ‘pro tips’ are all really useful, and range from comments such as ‘the photographer used a high vantage point to capture the entire scene’ to ‘the photographer has used a tripod and a slow shutter speed rather than flash to capture the low light conditions’. The app is a bit similiar to the ‘Great Photo Collections (And How They Were Taken)” section on this website, but these are obviously from some of the world’s top professionals (and you get a photo/tip a day – no excuses of moving house from this app!)

So, enough of my warbling. Got an iPad? Love photography? Get the Guardian Eyewitness App!

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