Download Our Free iPad Photo Book: ‘Mirror, Mirror’

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our very first iPad photo book: ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

ipad photo book 'Mirror, Mirror - download it for free now!

Right-click, and 'Save As...' to download

Featuring nearly 30 full screen self-portraits from 28 fantastically talented photographers, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is now available to download totally free of charge.

Why an iPad Photo Book?

Well, because photos look truly amazing on it, for starters. I was totally blown away by the quality of the screen, and the tactility of it – being able to ‘pinch in’, swipe across, turn the iPad over to show a friend opposite… the list in endless. The iPad really is a fantastic medium to devour photography.

OK, you like the iPad, we get it. But why create this photo book?

Good question! I’ve had my iPad for a while now, and I thought there would have been plenty of fantastic photo books for it… but there just aren’t! Sure, there are a few photo book-type apps on the app store, but, frankly, they’re just not very good, and there are only a couple. Browsing photo websites on the iPad is fun, but I also wanted something to view when I’m offline, something that I can keep in my virtual library to whip out whenever I want a high-quality photo fix. So, I contacted some of the amazingly talented photographers on Flickr to see if they would be open to contributing, and, a couple of weeks later, created our very first photo book.

How can I best view the book?

Although the book can be viewed on any PC or Mac, it was optimized for viewing within ‘iBooks’, on the iPad – and it looks the best this way. This will mean the book will sit pretty on your virtual bookshelf like this:

Our ipad photo book, sitting on the ibooks photo shelf

There's the photobook, looking a little lonely on the iBooks shelf

And then you’ll be able to view the book, in all of its full-screen glory, with just a single touch.

To get it into iBooks, just do the following:

1. Download the photo book.

2. Email it to yourself.

3. Using the integrated ‘Mail’ app on the iPad, check your email, and tap ‘open in iBooks’ in the top-right hand corner. (Note it does have to be via the ‘Mail’ app for this to work, you can’t just access your email using Safari).

4. Et voila! The book will now live on your virtual bookshelf, easily accessible with a touch.

The other method involves syncing with iTunes, and this should be easy too, but I haven’t tried it that way, so can’t say for sure.

You can find out more information on how to do view the book within iBooks directly from Apple.

So, surely this could be viewed on an iPhone/iPod Touch too?

You betcha! As long as your iPhone/iPod touch is running iOS 4, and you’ve downloaded iBooks (which comes as standard on the iPad) it’ll work, and should look fab.

OK, great, I’m going to download it. What can I do with it, though?

You can do all the great things the iPad excells at with photos, including: viewing the photos full-screen at a high resolution, swiping to view the next shot, pinching in for a closer look, and you can also tap each shot to go to that particular photographer’s page on Flickr. There is also a multi-view function to see 8 shots at a time, and you can also search within it, too. Phew!

Who contributed all the great photos?

28 amazing photographers, all using Flickr to display their great work. Many, many thanks to all the contributors, who are – in no particular order – these fine folks:

Thanks to all of them for contributing their amazing shots to this photo book.

Where’s the download link again?

Right…..HERE. Download it totally free.

I hope you enjoy the book, perhaps we’ll create some more if this one goes down well! If you’re on Twitter, why not follow me and you’ll be the first to know.


  1. excellent collection, thank you!!

  2. Some wonderful photos in that collection!

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