How To Show EXIF Data For Your Photos On Flickr

Have you ever wondered why the EXIF data isn’t showing for your photos on Flickr? I know I have, and, though it hasn’t been a major concern over the past couple of months that I’ve been using the photo-sharing site, I did wonder why my shots weren’t showing that info.

The EXIF data, by the way, is all the information about how your photo was taken – shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera model, focal length etc – that is automatically embedded within your photo by your camera, and it means, among other things, that you can quickly check how you took the shot. It’s really handy to be able to look at people’s photos on Flickr and see exactly how they ‘got the shot’, and I noticed that this information is available for a lot of photos, but wasn’t there for mine. What was I doing wrong?

The Solution: Don’t ‘Save For Web’ in Photoshop

And that’s all there is to it…! I thought I was being helpful by using the ‘Save For Web’ function on Photoshop to reduce the filesize of my images (which, I thought, would make my photos quicker for people to view online, and reduce my upload time), but it turns out using this feature strips the EXIF data from my photos. Simply choosing a normal ‘Save As’ keeps the EXIF data intact, even if I have edited the shot in Photoshop.

So, before I knew this, you couldn’t see how my photos were taken on Flickr, you just saw this info:

Flickr info without EXIF data

But now, as I haven’t used the ‘Save For Web’ feature, you can see the camera model I used, and, if you click ‘more properties’, you can view much more info, such as shutter speed, ISO, and more:

Flickr EXIF dataFlickr EXIF more dataIt may only be a small thing, but being able to view this data really helps with learning photography – I find myself looking for EXIF data more and more, and it’s good to be able to share the details of my shots with others now, too.

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