Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D Digital Field Guide Review

If you’ve just splashed out on the brilliant Canon T2i (knows as the 550D in Europe), then you may be a little bewildered with all the controls and functions your new camera has to offer. If you’re anything like me, and you devour any reading material to do with photography, then you might want to look into getting the Digital Field Guide for the T2i, available at Amazon US and UK.

T2i 550 Digital Field Guide Review

What You’ll Learn

One of the best things about buying a book made specifically for your camera model, is that everything the book talks about is designed just for you – there are no ‘general’ settings and exposure talk,  instead each feature, such as aperture and shutter speed, is explained according to the T2i’s buttons and dials.

Indeed, the first chapter, entitled ‘Setting Up the EOS Rebel T2i/550D’, contains a large diagram showing you your way around the camera, pointing out just where and what everything is. On of the best ways to improve your photography is getting to know just what your camera can do, so this first chapter is vitally important to take in.

Once the basics are out of the way, the rest of the nearly 300 pages include in-depth guides on the following features:

Controlling Exposure and Focus

Getting Great Color

Customizing the Rebel T2i / 550D

Shooting in Live View and Tethered

Using Movie Mode

Using Flash

Exploring Canon Lenses and Accessories

The Elements of Exposure and Composition

Event and Action Photography

Nature and Landscape Photography

Portrait Photography

Exploring RAW Capture

View the video above for a small introduction to the book, as well as an example tutorial for ‘Auto Exposure Bracketing’, a feature that is explained in more depth within the book.

Will It Make Me A Better Photographer?

Well, although it doesn’t come with an Ansel Adams guarantee, I can safely say that, if you own a T2i, buying this book will definitely enable you to take better photos. It’s not just the amount of specific T2i / 550D tips and tricks covered in the book, it’s also the excellent information on all aspects of photography – such as exposure, composition, flash, night photography and more – that will definitely help you advance your photographic knowledge, and thus your shots.

You can buy the T2i / 550D Digital Field guide at Amazon US or UK.

Seeing as you’re interested in the T2i, you may also like a feature I did called ’15 Great Photos Shot With A Canon Rebel T2i / 550D (And How They Were Taken)’.


  1. The T2i is a perfectly exceptional and convenient replacement for any dedicated video camera and it allows you to take sharp, clear, colorful images, even in low light conditions that would have previously been impossible without a flash.

  2. I have bought a new Canon 550d with 50 to 300 mm lens but dont know i get yelloish pictures while it is indoor day time & night out door.

    is it my fault or not good camera
    Pl. help me in this


  3. Hi Hemant. If you’re getting yellowish pictures, this is porbably down to the white balance setting you have on your camera. The ‘Auto’ setting is normally fine for outdoors stuff, but this can make indoor shots like orangey/yellowy at times. You can choose the ‘Tungsten’ white balance setting which should solve this when shooting indoors. DPS have a good guide on White Balance at

  4. Any idea on why all of my self-time shots are coming out blurry? I have tried various settings but still blurry..please advise. Thanks!


  5. Hi Roni. Are you doing them inside, when the light is low? You may need to use a wider aperture/higher ISO, or use flash. If you’re hand-holding the camera, that could be a problem too – try using a tripod or putting it on a hard surface.

  6. Bindhu /

    I am planning to get an eos 550D… I have an option of 55-250 lens with image stabiliser or a 75-300 lens without image stabilizer.
    Which lens should i get.. Theres not much of a difference in the price..!!
    Please replyyy

  7. I’d go for the 55 – 250; the IS is really worth it. I’ve got the lens, and it’s great. I did a review of the 55- 250 over here, too.

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