How To Remember F Stops Easily

When I first started to learn about the theory of photography, the one thing that caused me the most confusion was to do with f-stops and aperture. Did a higher f stop number mean a smaller aperture? And did that thus mean more depth of field? Or less? Argh, it was so confusing and hard to learn…!

a photo of a robin I took

Robin says: Use the '2 F's' rule to easily remember your f-stops!

So, I bring to you an incredibly easy way to remember how to set your f stops –  Just remember the 2 F’s:

If you want more Focus, you want more F-numbers.

Easy, huh? So, if you’ve got a gorgeous landscape ahead of you, and you want to make sure everything from the foreground to the hills in the distance is nice and sharp – meaning you want as much Focus as possible – you use as high an F-number as you can, such as f/16. And of course, this works the other way around – if you’re looking for less Focus (for instance, if you’re looking to make the background of your shot blurry), then you’ll want to dial in less F-numbers, such as f/2.8.

The ‘2 F’s’: Easy peasy, lemon-sqeezy. Who says photography is hard?


  1. Really nice & short tip! I’ll never get confused with this now!

  2. Glad it’s helped a little!

  3. Sometimes I get things confised!;) This will help bunches! Thanks!

  4. claris /

    Thanks! i had a hard time in remembering the F u make it so easy..

  5. No probs, glad it helped!

  6. “Easy peasy, lemon-sqeezy” ….. hahahahhaha….ROFL 😀
    Man’o man !! That was really Funny !! 😀

  7. Heh heh, cheers! :)

  8. Suman /

    2 F
    Fantastic ….Fantastic

  9. candy berg /

    you rock. I have been looking all all the explanations I could and this is the very first one in real dummy english I can understand…lol. Thanks much.

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