10 Fantastic Videos Shot With A Canon T2i / 550D

So far on LearningTheLight.com, I’ve not tended to talk about the video side of DSLRs – but that’s about to change. Although many people buy DSLRs for their photographic prowess, more and more are investing because of their fantastic video quality: high-definition, the ability to use all different types of lenses, and great overall quality mean that our trusted still-memory taker can also be our best-friend movie maker!

One of the more recent cameras that particularly excels with video is Canon’s T2i (known as the 550D in the UK). With full 1080P, 30 frames per second recording capabilites, the video you can take with it is just awesome – check out these examples, all taken with the T2i:

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  1. Amazing Videos
    such a great camera!!

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