Email Your Photos To A Digital Photoframe With The Kodak Pulse

It’s my anniversary in a few weeks, so I was browsing around online for some gift inspiration, and happened upon Anniversary Gifts By Year. One of the present ideas that struck me as being rather a good idea was a digital photoframe that can receive photos instantly via email – called the Kodak Pulse (available at Amazon US and UK).

The ability to send a photo straight away to the photoframe is brilliant, especially if you’re into your photography (and you probably are, if you’re reading this blog!). If you have parents who live some way away from you, and you don’t get to see them much, just give them one of these, and whenever you have a great new photo to share with them, you just email it – and the photo will instantly show up on their frame! A great idea, and one that really elevates this from the typical photoframe.

Here’s a video review of the Kodak Pulse:

The Kodak Pulse is available available from Amazon US and UK

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