UK TV Photography Series Starts On Channel 5

If you’re in the UK (sorry, outside-of-UK readers!) then you may be interested to know that Channel 5 have started a new TV series, called ‘How To Take Stunning Pictures‘. It actually began last night (Tuesday), and it was only by chance that I caught it – If I’d known about it earlier, I would have done this ‘heads-up’ post earlier – so sorry if you missed the first one.

But, even if you did miss it, you can watch the episode in full online on Channel 5’s site here.

How to take stunning pictures, Channel 5

It’s on every Tuesday evening at 7.30 p.m, for the next 6 weeks, and is aimed at beginners – teaching tips and tricks on how to make the most of your camera. The first episode was all about portraits – I’m sure future episodes will cater for all types of photography.

Not often we get a prime-time photography programme!

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