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That time of the year is sneaking up fast again; before you know it you’ll be eating mince pies and falling asleep in front of the TV. Yes, Christmas will soon be upon us. The idea for this post actually came about when my parents asked me what I would like – I am notoriously hard to buy for, as I never really want anything, but, since jumping into the photography world, there are suddenly lots and lots of things I would like!

So, this little gift guide is not only for people out there who have a husband/wife/parent/child who is a photography lover, but also for us photographers too: there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves to a little Christmas gift, now, is there…?

Gifts To Make Us Better Photographers

We all want to improve our photography, always wanting to take better and better photos, and these will really help. It may be best to have a sneak peek at your photography enthusiast’s book collection before you get one of the guides, though, just in case they already have it.

The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1)

Whenever I’m asked what’s the best ‘learning photography’ book out there, I always say this one. I did a full review of The Digital Photography book over here, which you may want to check out, but, needless to say, devouring this book will definitely improve your photography. Well, only if you don’t take the word ‘devouring’ literally, that is – I don’t think it would be too appetising…

It’s the world’s largest selling digital photography book for a reason, and you can get it from Amazon US and UK. There have actually been three books written in the series, and you can get a box set of them if you really want to spoil your loved one! Again, available from Amazon US and UK.

Understanding Exposure

Likewise, this book is fantastic, and whoever receives it will thank you for broadening their photography theory – the fundamentals of which are really needed to start taking better shots. I did a full review of Understanding Exposure over here, by the way.

You can find this book at all good book stores, or that fantastic Amazon US and UK place too.

A 50mm Prime Lens

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Prime Lens

If you don’t know anything about photography, don’t be put off by the technical-sounding name – this is basically a great little lens that lets us take photos in lowlight without a flash. Yep, flash sucks, doesn’t it? If you’re tired of being blasted by your partners flash every time he wants to take a shot of you indoors, then why not get him one of these lenses? I wrote a guide on how to take sharp photos in lowlight without a flash, and one of the best things you can do is use one of these lenses.

Think they’ll be expensive? Think again! For around $100/£80, this is a fantastic addition to any photographers kit. If you know your friend only has the lens that came with his/her camera, then this would definitely be a great gift idea. All you need to know is if they’re a Canon or a Nikon user. If they’re Canon, then get the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II, available at Amazon US or UK. If they’re a Nikon user, then the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 is also available at Amazon US and UK.

A Tripod – But Not Just ‘Any’ Tripod!

gorillapod-slrThere are times when every photographer needs a tripod: landscape photography in general, certain lowlight situations, and when wanting to set up ‘self-shots’, to name just a few. Standard tripods are fine, but to add a little spark to your Christmas gift, you may want to think about a Gorillapod, available from Amazon US and UK.

What’s great about these are that they are lightweight, small, and super-malleable – you can mold them around trees, rocks, doors… virtually anywhere! They really enable you to set up ‘self-shots’ wherever you may be, with the minimum of fuss. Check them out in the video below:

These are just a few gift ideas to be getting on with, and, I can honestly say, if I didn’t already have all of the above, then I’d be pleased as punch to get any of them!

Top Christmas image by ‘domesticat’ on Flickr

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  1. Great time to post this article! All great gift ideas! I have both those books, but Understanding Exposure I think is amazing! I recently loaned it to a friend who after reading it still went and purchased it to have for herself. A must have on any photographers shelf!

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