How To Photograph Friends and Family This Christmas

Say No To Flash! Use A 50mm Prime Lens To Take Natural Lowlight Photos Instead

That little pop-up flash on our cameras suck. There, I’ve said it – it’s rubbish. Do not take shots of your family and friends with that little flash if you want them to look anywhere near decent!

Instead, if you just invest in a prime 50mm lens that has a very wide aperture – such as the absolutely fantastic Canon 50mm f/1.8, (which only cost me about £90 from Amazon UK / around $99 on Amazon US too), then you’ll be able to take photos inside, without having to use that flash at all.

Yep, you heard me: Natural, inside photos of your friends and family, without using a flash.


Inside. No Flash. Great!

With your new 50mm prime attached, just remember to shoot in Aperture-Priority mode, choose a low f-number (such as f/1.8), and start taking lovely photos indoors without needing that pesky flash at all.

See my taking photos in lowlight without using a flash guide if you want more in-depth info.

So there we go – a few tricks and tips on how to take some great photos this Christmas. Do you have some advice you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and let me know. You may also be interested in following me on twitter too.

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  1. Thanks for all the great tips… any tips on how capture kids who just keep moving at all times?

  2. Hi Luna. Inside, I would probably use flash (bounced off the celing or walls) which would help freeze their movements. Shooting in drive mode/continuous auto focus tracking would also be a good idea, so your camera is continually focsuing on them as they’re moving around, and you’ll also be taking lots of photos a second – increasing your chances of getting a good one as they move!

  3. chaos133 /

    Hey Luna, another way to capture the kids moving is to set your ISO higher, this will make your shutter speed quicker and will prevent the pictures becoming blurry.

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