Why You Can Learn Lots From Wedding Photography

You may have a keen interest in wedding photography, or you may not, but I think you can learn lots from studying it – and I’m not just meaning that you can learn lots about how to shoot weddings. No, I mean that by studying various examples of wedding photography, you can learn how to take better photos in general.

A candid shot I took at a wedding reception. Studying other wedding photographers' work helped me get this shot.

Think about it: In what other area of photography do we get to see so many different styles and subjects all at once? Wedding photography encompasses all this:

  • Portraiture, both posed and candid.
  • Landscape photography – think wide angle shots of the church outside, for instance.
  • Candid photography – shots of the bride and groom just being natural, photos of the wedding party.
  • Lowlight work – lots of churches are very dimly lit, so wedding photographers have to know how to take sharp photos in lowlight without using a flash (which I did a tutorial on over here).
  • Group photography – getting a group of 10 or more people to all look good in a shot is an art in itself!
  • Action photography – think of freezing an energetic dance reception; or the technique to imply a sense of motion within the bride and groom’s first dance.
  • Off-camera flash work – a lot of modern wedding photographers are experts at creative flash work.
  • Expert compositional skills – notice how the skilled wedding photographer places their subjects within the ‘rule of thirds’, or uses other compositional skills such as vanishing points or repeating patterns to enhance their photos.
  • And more… and all of this within one day’s work!

So, if you’re looking to increase your skills as a photographer, I heartily recommend checking out the various wedding photography websites on the ‘net (just search on Google for something like ‘wedding photography Texas’, or ‘wedding photographer Cornwall‘ – you’ll find hundreds of sites easily), looking through their portfolios, galleries and blogs, and seeing just how they manage to pull off such fantastic examples of portraiture, candid, lowlight, action photography and more…

Some fantastic wedding photography websites include:

* Jasmine Star Photography

* Kevin Smith Photography

* Jeff Ascough

* David Ziser’s Digital Pro Talk (I’m currently reading his book, Captured By The Light, which I’ll review soon)

Those are just a few of my faves to start you off – but, honestly, you can find lots of fantastic photos to learn from by just searching for wedding photography websites. Try it for yourself; I challenge you not to learn something by studying wedding photography!

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