15 Inspiring Photos Shot With A Nikon D90 (And How They Were Taken)

The Nikon D90 is one of Nikon’s most popular DSLRs, and for a few good reasons: it takes fantastic photos, it doesn’t break the bank, and did I mention it takes amazing pictures?

For a lot of people looking to buy their first Digital SLR, they find themselves drawn to either the Nikon D90, or Canon’s T2i (known as the 550D in Europe) – both of which offer top-notch performance, at similar prices. So, if you’re one of those people looking to step into the DSLR world, and would like to see just what the D90 is capable of – or if you’ve just taken the plunge and are a new D90 owner –  I’ve compiled 15 great examples below, along with a short tutorial on just how each photo was taken.

Paris Paris in Las Vegas Black & White

'Paris Paris in Las Vegas Black & White' by Werner Kunz on Flickr

We kick off the collection with a fantastic example of HDR photography from Werner Kunz on Flickr. HDR is a technique where – usually – 3 exposures of the same scene are taken, and then amalgamated together to show an increased dynamic range. Werner has actually written a blog post on just how he got this shot, which is a good read. A great example of what the D90 can do!


Eva: Tiny Thoughts

'Eva: Tiny Thoughts' by Josh Liba on Flickr

A lot of people will be looking to take great portraits of their family and friends with the D90, and you can tell from this example from Josh Liba, that the camera doesn’t disappoint. A wide aperture of f/3.5, combined with a long focal length of 135mm, means that Josh managed to get a beautifully blurred background for this portrait – drawing your attention to the subject of the photo. A great portrait. (By the way, I did a tutorial on how to blur the background in your photos, which you may be interested in).

Praça da Sé

'Praça da Sé' by Antonio Carlos Castejon on Flickr

A beautiful example of low-light photography here. Antonio used a relatively long exposure time (shutter speed) of 1/13 sec, and that, combined with an ISO 800 setting, meant that the D90 could take in enough light to make even this low-light night scene beautifully illuminated. The path also draws the viewers eye into the middle of the scene. A lovely shot.

Carry on to part 2 to for more great Nikon D90 shots —>

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    Hi!! I am planning to buy a Canon 550D .Do u recommend buying this or is there any other best DSLR camera in the same price range.can you please help me on this , as i want to gift it to my wife in a day or two.thanks
    Hari krishna.P

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, Hari. Both the Canon 550D and the Nikon D90 would be fantastic choices to give your wife; I have more personal experience with Canon, but Nikon are great also; either option you choose, your wife will be a very happy photographer!


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