15 Inspiring Photos Shot With A Nikon D90 (And How They Were Taken)

The Bride :D

'The Bride' by IntoTh3Rainbow on Flickr

Thinking of shooting a wedding using the Nikon D90? Well, as the above example shows, it definitely won’t disappoint. By using a wide aperture of f/2.5, and a long 85 mm focal length, the photographer has managed to get a beautifully blurred background. A low ISO of 100 kept the image quality as high as possible (achievable due to the wide aperture and being outside with lots of light), and the bride is positioned within the ‘rule of thirds’ compositional technique too. A striking shot. I think you can learn a lot from studying wedding photography, by the way!


'What Now' by Morberg on Flickr

This self-portrait is actually one of the images from our free iPad photobook, ‘Mirror, Mirror’, which is also viewable on iPhones, PCs and Macs. Morberg has created a striking self-portrait by playing with light and shadows. Just shows what a little imagination can do, huh? A great photo!

What Does He Think He is Doing ?

'What Does He Think He is Doing?' by orb9220 on Flickr

The colour reproduction on the D90 is fantastic – just look at the above example to see for yourself. The photographer used a relatively quick shutter speed of 1/200 sec to obtain both the general sharpness in this photo, and also the capturing of the bird in flight. If a faster shutter speed of, say, 1/2000 sec or 1/4000 sec was used, then the pigeon’s wings may have been frozen – but that would not have created the sense of motion that the above photo has achieved by using 1/200 sec – quick enough to capture the bird, but slow enough to get a nice motion blur on the wings. A fantastic photo.

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    Hi!! I am planning to buy a Canon 550D .Do u recommend buying this or is there any other best DSLR camera in the same price range.can you please help me on this , as i want to gift it to my wife in a day or two.thanks
    Hari krishna.P

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, Hari. Both the Canon 550D and the Nikon D90 would be fantastic choices to give your wife; I have more personal experience with Canon, but Nikon are great also; either option you choose, your wife will be a very happy photographer!


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