15 Inspiring Photos Shot With A Nikon D90 (And How They Were Taken)

'Mother to Be' by Seanmcgrath on Flickr

It’s all about the viewpoint, here! Taking the time to think of different ways to ‘take the shot’ can result in striking images like this one – you can’t say it’s a typical pregnancy shot, can you? This was shot with a D90 at the photographer’s home studio – full details of his lighting setup can be seen on his Flickr page. Great work!


'Heads-up' by mbaglole on Flickr

Do you like to get really, really close? Then the D90’s macro capabilities may be for you. The photographer has used a Nikon Nikkor 105mm Micro lens to capture the great detail of this insect’s head, and the creative crop means the final image is unusual and striking. Lovely work.

'Looking into the future....' by Awesomo D90 on Flickr

By using a wide aperture of f/5.6, and a long 85mm focal length, the photographer has created a lovely shallow depth of field – drawing our eyes first to the subject’s ultra-sharp left eye (right on the photo). and then to the blurred right eye (left on the photo). The reflection within the eye is a lovely capture – ‘looking into the future’, as the title of the photo suggests. A striking photo.

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    Hi!! I am planning to buy a Canon 550D .Do u recommend buying this or is there any other best DSLR camera in the same price range.can you please help me on this , as i want to gift it to my wife in a day or two.thanks
    Hari krishna.P

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, Hari. Both the Canon 550D and the Nikon D90 would be fantastic choices to give your wife; I have more personal experience with Canon, but Nikon are great also; either option you choose, your wife will be a very happy photographer!


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