15 Inspiring Photos Shot With A Nikon D90 (And How They Were Taken)

Elle est de retour!

'Elle est de retour!' by meehanf on Flickr

Of course, photography doesn’t have to be ‘serious’ all the time, as the above photo suggests! A wide aperture of f/1.8 was used to capture enough available light for this indoor shot – this meant that a shutter speed of 1/160 sec could be obtained – more than enough to get such a sharp photo. I love it!


Sunset Snowy

'Sunset Snowy' by Nick Chill on Flickr

By using a very long telephoto lens, at a focal length of 500mm, Nick has taken a close-up, detailed shot of this bird, whilst being able to stand far enough away so as not to scare it off – a long lens like this is vital for wildlife photography. The lovely composition, with the reflection in the water, combined with wonderful colours and sharpness of his subject, makes this a great photo indeed.

'YAWN!!!' by v1ctory_1s_m1ne on Flickr

Timing is everything, as this photo of a yawning lion shows. The photographer could have just taken a shot of a lion lying around, or eating his food, or chewing his paw…but that would have meant a ‘normal’ photo (probably, anyway). By taking his time, and waiting until the lion let out this almighty yawn, he has come away with a striking, memorable shot. Patience is definitely a good attribute to have if you’re into taking photos of animals!

All of these photos were taken with the Nikon D90, which is available from Amazon US and UK.

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    Hi!! I am planning to buy a Canon 550D .Do u recommend buying this or is there any other best DSLR camera in the same price range.can you please help me on this , as i want to gift it to my wife in a day or two.thanks
    Hari krishna.P

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, Hari. Both the Canon 550D and the Nikon D90 would be fantastic choices to give your wife; I have more personal experience with Canon, but Nikon are great also; either option you choose, your wife will be a very happy photographer!


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