12 Great Photography Video Tutorials by Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson is a professional photographer, and author of the fantastic Understanding Exposure book (which you can read my full review of here).

He’s done some great photography video tips/tutorials – from how to choose your ‘creative’ exposure, macro photography, storytelling, taking shots after sunset (lowlight photography), understanding what effect aperture has on our backgrounds, and more – so I thought I’d show a collection of them here. Enjoy!



  1. R SHELLEY /

    how can i set f16 @1/30 manual mode on a canon t2i. there is no ae lock!!!!

    learned a lot from your book “understanding exposure”

  2. Hi. The t2i does have an AE lock fearture, it’s the button marked with an asterisk (*). You should be able to just dial in f/16 and 1/30 in manual mode; every lens can go to f/16, and every camera can use a 1/30 sec shutter speed…On a different note, I’m afraid I’m not the author of ‘Understanding Exposure’, that is Bryan Peterson – my name is Alan, and I just run LearningTheLight.com. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

  3. Rebecca Wagner-Campbell /

    I am new to SLR digital photography, so excuse my ignorance. I have used the AE lock on my Canon Rebel T2i, but now can’t get it off . Help.
    Also I have watched many of Bryan Petersons videos. When he says to meter on the sky, and then recompose and take the picture ( for dusk shots), is that when you use the AE lock? I am confused. Can you help ?

  4. Hi Rebecca. Yes, you can use AE-lock to meter for the sky, and then recompose to take your shot. I hope you’ve managed to get it off by now though? As i thought it only stays on for as long as you take the next photo…

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