First Shots With My New Camera: Canon 7D

I received a shiny new toy in the post on Saturday: a Canon 7D, which I had ordered from Amazon UK (also available at Amazon US). I also went for a new lens, the Canon 17 – 55 f/2.8 (UK / US).

The 7D really is a big upgrade from my existing 500D (T1i), and my very first impression was “Woah, this new camera feels the business!” – it just feels so much more durable and strong. The 17 – 55 f/2.8 is also my first foray into a top-quality lens, so, as you could imagine, I am pretty excited about the new arrivals to my photography family!

Anyway, I didn’t have much time to play with the camera before I was due to head out to a friend’s poker night, but I thought I’d share some of the very first photos I took with the camera and lens. Bear in mind that these are all taken in a dimly lit room, without any flash – so I used a high ISO of 1600 to 3200. By using a wide aperture of f/2.8 for most of the shots (some at f/4), the 17 – 55 mm managed to give me some great, sharp photos, even in this lowlight – the lens’ Image Stabilisation feature enabling me to get away with such slow shutter speeds of 1/15th of a second and still get a sharp shot!

I did a whole guide on how to take sharp photos in lowlight without using a flash, by the way, which you may find useful.


I’ll be going into a lot more depth about the camera and lens in future posts, but, for now, here are some of my shots from the Poker night:

Throwing playing card towards camera

Poker chips and cards

Poker chips

And, yes, I did manage to take a lot of photos because I lost in the poker very early on – I definitely need some Poker practise! But at least it meant I could snap away with my lovely new toy….!


  1. Wowwa! I wish I could take pictures that good!! You are my new inspiration, and I have turned to your website many times; thanks for the wonderful articles!! Keep shooting those neat photos!

  2. Hi Logan, thanks for your lovely comment! I’ve had a look at your Flickr stream and you’ve got some great photos too. Thanks a lot for leaving such a nice comment!

  3. Edmund /

    I have enjoyed your postings over the last few months. Very informative as I try and improve on my skillset. The light room post was definitely great. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks a lot – I really like your Flickr stream, really great shots!

  5. hi! i’m planning to buy 7D but holding me back because of its age. if i were you, would you still go and buy the 7D or just wait for a mark 2 release (or probably an 8D if that will be called) of this toy? thanks and more power!

  6. It’s always a difficult question, whether to buy or wait, so it really depends on our situation. As you say, though, the 7D is definitely due an upgrade soon, but you just never know when that will be…!

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