‘Capture The Caption’ Photography Competition

I received  a lovely email from a reader today, letting me know about quite a unique photography competition going on over at The Feed.

What it makes it unique, you say? Well, instead of there being a photo with each entrant having to come up with a suitable caption, they’ve turned it on its head: They supply the caption (in this case ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time…’), and YOU supply the photo!

It’s a nice, creative idea, and the prize is pretty darn good too – a Canon 500D DSLR. Nice!

Click the screenshot of the competition below to find out more and enter (by the way, as it is a UK site, I’m pretty sure the contest is only open to UK residents, sorry).

Click the pic to go to the competition page

If you’ve found something on the ‘net that you think would be of interest to our readers – perhaps a competition like this, or a great tutorial, or some fantastic photography – , just drop me an email and I’ll cover it on the site.

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