Want Feedback On Your Photo? Post To Our Facebook Page

Would you like to receive some feedback on a photo you’ve just taken? Perhaps you’d like advice on what camera settings you used, how it was composed, how it could perhaps have been taken a little differently – or perhaps you’d just like to show us a photo you’re especially proud of!

Either way, we’d love you to post your photo on our Facebook page. A few people have already done this, and it’s a lovely way for us all to give feedback on the shots we’ve taken; sharing tips and tricks that could improve all of our photography skills.

LearningTheLight.com on Facebook

Click the pic to go to our Facebook page

You’ll need to become a fan of LearningTheLight.com on Facebook before you can post a pic, but that’s a simple case of just clicking ‘Like’ at the top of the page.

And, don’t worry, the feedback won’t be harsh in any way whatsoever – we’re all just a nice bunch of folk wanting to improve our photography, so we’re not going to be bashing anyone’s shots. All kinds of photos are welcome, as long as they are shots that you have actually taken, and don’t contain nudity (the nudity rule is Facebook’s rule, not ours…)

You can also message me on Twitter if you’ve got a photo up somewhere on the ‘net that you’d like our opinion of.

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