How To Tell If You’re ‘The Photographer’ In The Family? No Photos Of You!

If you have a DSLR and love taking photos of your family and friends, you’re soon going to be known as ‘The Photographer’. Now, this is no bad thing – indeed, it’s nice that people think you can take some good shots – but one of the things this means is that you never end up having any photos that you’re actually in yourself!

I actually really don’t like having my photo taken, which sounds pretty bizarre as I’m always snapping other folk – but I can see that, in ten years’ time when I’m looking back at my family photos, it might be a little sad if I’m not in any of them…

So, one of the benefits of getting my new Canon 7D has been that I can teach my wife how to use my old camera, the Canon 500D (T1i). As well as the joy of sharing a passion and hobby, it means I’ve had to bite the bullet and actually appear in some photos for once. And to bite the bullet even further, I’m going to actually show you what I look like – I believe these will be the first ever photos of me that I’ve put on the site, and it’s been going for nearly a year and half now…

al portrait

Yep, it's me - finally!

There, I’ve done it…

And now I’m on a roll, here’s another!

me and alf

By the way, that handsome fella above is my parent-in-law’s dog, Alfie. He’s not as shy about having his photo taken.

So, it’s just a small thought to leave you with, as I know how fantastic it is to be behind the lens – but perhaps you should let yourself be snapped now and again so your family will remember you actually existed back then…?


  1. Pedro Henrique /

    its a pleasure too meet your face sir ^^

  2. Great perspective… I’m just as guilty and I think I should follow your advice :)

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