Free Photography eBooks – The Ultimate Collection

Welcome to the ultimate collection of totally FREE photography eBooks! Whether you’re after some general digital photography advice, looking to increase your photo editing skills, want some specific street photography tips, or even have a desire to take amazing shots of dragonflies – whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered.

As well as all of the below ebooks being offered at the fantastic price of zero, they are all in PDF format, and thus viewable on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and, well, anything else that can read PDFs. They’re all full ebooks, too – no ‘preview’ or ‘sample’ books here.

I’ve mostly linked to the pages on the corresponding websites where you can download the eBook – that way their website is getting the much-deserved exposure and publicity, rather than you being able to download the book directly from this post without ever visiting their site (although a few sites have updated their links, so have had to include some direct downloads as the number of broken links was getting silly!). Seems fair to me! I’ve only linked to sites where the eBooks are explicitly stated as being free – I did come across more books in my search, but I couldn’t vouch for the legality of some, so I didn’t include them in this post; download any of the eBooks below safe in the knowledge that they are all available online for free, and legally so.

By the way, if you know of any more free photography ebooks that I may have missed, please let me know in a comment below, by email, twitter, or on our Facebook page.

General Photography eBooks

Using Your digital SLR free photography ebookUsing Your Digital SLR

This is a really nicely illustrated guide from the folk at Photoanswers. It contains lots of handy hints on starting out with your DSLR.

Download ‘Using Your Digital SLR’ for free.

using your lenses ebookUsing Your Lenses

Everything you need to know about lenses, from sharpness, to telephoto, wide-angles and more.

Download ‘Using Your Lenses’ for free.

Shooting raw on your DSLRShooting RAW On Your DSLR

Want help on how and why you should be shooting RAW? Check out this guide – it contains lot of great info that’ll have you using RAW in no time.

Download ‘Shooting RAW On Your DSLR’ for free.

Shooting Black and White ebookShooting Black & White

Improve your black and white photography skills with another great eBook from Photoanswers. Includes info on filters, RAW conversion and Photoshop.

Download ‘Shooting Black and White’ for free.

Creative lens techniques ebookCreative Lens Techniques

Learn to make the most of your lenses, including focal length facts, aperture answers, selective focus skills and more.

Download ‘Creative Lens Techniques’ for free.

Get more from your digital slr ebookGet More From Your Digital SLR

Take your photography skills to the next level with more great advice from Photoanswers – including  focus points, metering modes and more.

Download ‘Get More From Your Digital SLR’ for free.

Vision by Scott Bourne eBookVision by Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne writes about inspiration, creativity and ‘vision’ in his free ebook. A great ebook from one of the most-followed photographers on Twitter.

Download ‘Vision’ for free.

the top 5 creative photography techniquesThe Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques

Requires a free sign-up to PhotoExtremist’s newsletter (top-right of his site) to get an instant download. Recommended, as the book is lengthy and full of creative ideas.

Download ‘The Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques’ for free.

My 5 Easy Steps To Shoot In ManualMy 5 Easy Steps To Shoot In Manual

Want to shoot in Manual mode but not sure where to start? This great eBook by Kimberley Gauthier will get you up to scratch in no speed.

Download ‘My 5 Easy Steps To Shoot In Manual’ for free.

The essential guide to digital photography ebookThe Essential Guide To Digital Photography

Requires a free sign-up to – very easy, and registering enables you to download instantly. This ebook is a great overview of digital photography.

Download ‘The Essential Guide To Digital Photography’ for free.

Street Photography eBooks

Going candid street photography free ebookGoing Candid: An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography

Thomas Leuthard shares his tips, tricks and advice on street photography, including lots of examples of his stunning work.

Download ‘Going Candid: An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography’.

Collecting Souls - Free Street Photography eBookCollecting Souls: What Street Photography Means To Me

Leuthard’s second book about street photography goes deeper into the subject, including more advanced techniques and thoughts.

Download ‘Collecting Souls: What Street Photography Means To Me’.

Street Photography For The Purist

Street Photography For The Purist

160 pages of great street photography insight and images. Note the download link is at the top-right of the page.

Download ‘Street Photography For The Purist’ for free.


Lighting eBooks

lighting 101 ebookLighting 101

David Hobby’s (aka The Strobist) fantastic Lighting 101 series of posts, compiled into one great ebook. Essential reading for anyone interested in flash photography.

Download ‘Lighting 101’ for free.

tinker tubes free ebookTinker Tubes Personal Lighting System

A great DIY guide to building your own studio lighting rig. Includes step-by-step guides and diagrams.

Download ‘Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting System’ for free.

Introduction to external flashIntroduction To External Flash

A great guide to using your flash to get professional results. Including bounce flash, the use of reflectors and more.

Download ‘Introduction to External Flash’ for free.

Good photos in bad lightGood Photos In Bad Light

Darwinn’s great guide on how to make the most of any lighting condition, coming away with a great photo everytime.

Download ‘Good Photos in Bad Light’ for free.


Digital Editing eBooks: Photoshop

Getting Started with Photoshop ebookGetting Started With Photoshop

Requires a free sign-up to All-Things-Photography’s’s newsletter (top-left of their site) to get an instant download. It’s a nice, beginner’s guide to Photoshop.

Download ‘Getting Started With Photoshop’ for free.

An idiots guide to photoshopAn Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop

Requires a free sign-up to – very easy, and registering enables you to download instantly. A great Photoshop ‘how to’ guide for beginners.

Download ‘An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop’ for free.

an idiots guide to photoshop 2An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop: Edition 2

Requires a free sign-up to – very easy, and registering enables you to download instantly. Covers more advanced Photoshop skills.

Download ‘An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop: Edition 2’ for free.


Digital Editing eBooks: Lightroom

lightroom tips and tricks volume 1Lightroom Tips and Tricks: Volume 1

A great collection of Lightroom tips and tutorials – can’t believe this is free! Over a year’s worth of Lightroom guides and advice, compiled in one great ebook.

Download ‘Lightroom Tips and Tricks: Volume 1’ for free.

lightroom tips and trcks volume 2Lightroom Tips and Tricks: Volume 2

More fab Lightroom guides from Joe Barrett. Includes workflow, rating, sharpening, mask adjustments and more.

Download ‘Lightroom Tips and Tricks: Volume 2’ for free.


Travel Photography eBooks

Take better travel photosTake Better Travel Photos

Improve your travel photography with the great advice and examples in this eBook. Includes a nice section on creative composition techniques for iconic places.

Download ‘Take Better Travel Photos’ for free.

Following the light free eBookFollowing The Light

A lovely photobook and journal; covering the authors’ trip to the Glacier National Park – lovely landscape photography.

Download ‘Following The Light’ for free.

World Effect free ebookWorld Effect: All The Way Around

Requires a free sign-up to their newsletter (top-right of site) in order to download. Beautiful photos and stories from around the world.

Download ‘World Effect: All The Way Around’ for free.


Nature Photography eBooks

12 tips for better wildflower photography free ebook13 Tips For Better Wildflower Photography

Exactly what the title says! Includes tips on getting the right exposure, composition, how to get butterflies in your photos and more.

Download ’13 Tips For Better Wildflower Photography’ for free.

Dragonfly photography free ebookDragonfly Photography

Want to photograph dragonflies? Then this is the eBook for you! Includes info on equipment, composition and behaviour.

Download ‘Dragonfly Photography’ for free.


Food Photography eBooks

how to take stunning food photosHow To Take Stunning Food Photos

Requires you to ‘Like’ their page on Facebook to get instant download. A fantastic guide on getting great food shots.

Download ‘How To Take Stunning Food Photos’ for free.


Business eBooks


Advice and tips on how to earn money from photojournalism. First half of an eBook; the second half is yet to be written!

Download ‘Technique’ for free.

picture perfect: set up your own photblog free ebookPicture Perfect: Set Up Your Own Photoblog

Requires a free sign-up to – very easy, and registering enables you to download instantly. Learn how to set up your own photography website.

Download ‘Picture Perfect: Set Up Your Own Photoblog’ for free.


Portrait Photography eBooks

mirror mirror an ipad photobookMirror, Mirror: An iPad Photobook

Our very own free Self-Portrait eBook, made in conjunction with 28 Flickr photographers. Viewable on PC, MAC, iPhone & iPad.

Download ‘Mirror, Mirror: An iPad Photobook’ for free.


Do you know of any other free photography eBooks? If you do, please let us know by leaving a comment below, sending us an email, writing on our wall on Facebook, or sending us a tweet.


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