Learn From The Experts: An Interview With Crash Taylor

Crash Taylor

I’m really thrilled to have another ‘learn from the experts‘ interview here on LearningTheLight.com, and this time with none other than Crash Taylor, one of the UK’s most inspiring and exclusive wedding photographers.

If you’ve followed this site for a while you’ll know that I have the utmost admiration for wedding photographers, and I think we can all learn so much from them; the wedding photographer has to be a master of virtually all type of photographer, and he/she has to do so under the most intense pressure!

So I’m really happy to be presenting some tips and thoughts from one of the world’s best… over to Crash after an example of his work:

crash taylor wedding photography interview

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Crash, it’s really appreciated. My first question is about ‘style’. You have a distinctive style all of your own, and have won many awards – as well as being nominated as one of the Top 10 Winter Wedding photographers by Professional Photographer magazine. How did your style develop? Could you give our readers any advice on how to create their own style, how to differentiate their photography from everyone else’s?

Style takes time to develop within the soul of the photographer. You will only develop a style if you are in love with photography. Photography comes from within and you must work your ass off to develop a style that makes clients sign a big cheque! Constantly experiment and hopefully you find your path. Why? Because it’s the best path in the world and it never comes to an end. You just keep walking and lovin’ every vista it throws at you.

crash taylor wedding dance photo black and white

Tell us a little bit about you?

Born and raised in Los Angeles. The past 7 years Nottingham, UK.

How many weddings do you average per year?


What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Canon 5D Mark II’s.

What lighting equipment do you take on a shoot?

A suitcase full of all sorts of goodies. The case can cover 99% of what we need on a still or film shoot.

crash taylor wedding photography bird couple

Could you let us know about your very first wedding as the ‘pro photographer’?

My first wedding actually took place in Marbella, Spain. My wife was assisting me and it was one awesome day!


What would be your top tips for people asked to photograph their friend’s/family member’s wedding?

Hire a professional

crash taylor group 1

A lot of first-time wedding photographers are nervous at the thought of the ‘group shots’. Your group shots are full of fun, and just look so natural. How do you go about getting these relaxed, non stiff-looking shots?

If you as a photographer are nervous about taking group shots then you are in the wrong business. I love the group shots, we have lots of fun but the most important thing – I’m quick :)

crash taylor group 2
What would be your gear recommendations for the beginner wedding photographer?

My recommendation is always to buy the best gear you can afford.

Your images contain a mixture of both posed and candid shots. Could you give us any tips, as photographers, on how to pose the bride and groom? Do you prefer to take candid shots?

I love all shots. No posing at my weddings, just natural directing the Crash Taylor way :)

crash taylor wedding photo couple

You also deliver wedding workshops (crashtaylorphotoworkshops.com). What kind of photographers do your workshops attract, and do you ever end up learning anything from them too?

They attract delegates from all over the world. I tell the wedding photographer the good and bad about the business, everything they need to know to stay consistent and shoot £2K, 3K, 4K weddings.

crash taylor wedding bride walking

If you only had one lens to shoot an entire wedding with, what would it be?

The new Canon 16-200mm 2.0 L IS lens 😉

crash taylor black and white wedding

What would you like to be doing in 3 years from now?

The goal is to have  Taylor | Winter Films become a kick ass production company creating films, stills, commercials, advertising, and music videos.  We will be offering a very exclusive wedding film service to brides as well. Motion and editing will be a huge part of the business and I plan on personally photographing 10 pick and choose weddings starting in 2015.

crash taylor wedding couple in black and white

Lastly, to end on a non-wedding question, what would be your top tip(s) for photographers trying to improve their photography?

Shoot everyday, no excuses.

Constantly Experiment!

Look at the world through a lens.

Work harder!

Learn the rules and then play!

Buy a good pair of walking shoes.

Our thanks again to Crash for this interview. You can see more of Crash’s work on his main wedding photography website, his blog, on Twitter or can find more details on his wedding workshops here.

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