How To Create Animated Photos (Cinemagraphs)

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Notice my wife blinking in the photo above? Pretty Harry Potter-esque, huh? It only took about 5 minutes to create, and you can do it easily – and for free – by getting the Cinemagram iPhone app.

These images where just a certain part of the frame are animated are also called ‘Cinemgraphs’; I remember finding some amazing examples about a year ago, and looking into how they were created – but the work involved just seemed immense! But this great iPhone app has come along now and it really couldn’t be easier. You simply record a small movie (about 2-3 secs), and then you just use your finger to highlight the area that you want animated – everything else in the shots stays still. You can then save your creation, and share it on Facebook and Twitter too. I love it!

Here’s another one of mine, featuring my lovely dog:

And another:

Have you created your own cinemagraph? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to include a link to your creation too!



  1. I do love this effect. Would love to see a follow up explaining how to do this in something like Photoshop.

  2. I’d love to be able to do it in Photoshop too! But I think it is very complicated, and a very lengthy work process to do it that way – but I’ll look into it, thanks for your idea!

  3. Amanda /

    That is such an awesome app! Thanks for sharing. I got onto your website to learn how to take quality pictures on my camera and have been playing on my phone for 30 minutes. Ha!!

  4. It is great fun, isn’t it? Much, much easier than doing the same thing in Photoshop (which takes a lot of time and work…)

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