Tips to Kickstart a Freelance Photography Career


Many people enjoy photography as a hobby, that’s certainly how I started. Some develop such a passion for it that they decide to take things a stage further and embark upon a career as a professional freelance photographer. Becoming self-employed can be a dream come true for those who crave the freedom to make their own decisions. Sound tempting? If you are looking to do just that, here are some tips to help you on your way.

It goes without saying that to be an exceptional photographer you need talent. However, no matter how outstanding your ability, the equipment you use will dictate just how successful you can be in competition with other perhaps equally skilled individuals. Investing in a good-quality kit will ensure you can make the transition from amateur enthusiast to serious professional. As well as a decent DSLR, you will benefit from a selection of lenses, a reserve battery and some memory cards. Look into insurance for freelance photographers such insurance offered by Aon, to make certain any eventuality is covered. Remember that any photography equipment you buy now can be upgraded as you improve.


What Is Your Forte?
Making a name for yourself in a competitive market place will involve more than simply taking a few photos. You will need to develop a distinct and recognisable style. Like most artists, photographers typically focus on their own specialist areas. Whether you enjoy weddings, food and drink, animals or fashion, take your time to find your own niche.

Take a Course
Published images today have nearly always been digitally manipulated and enhanced in some way. Learning to use Adobe Photoshop as well as any other useful programs you come across, will enable you to create some really unique images. It may take some time to become comfortable with using the software, but the benefits in the long term are vast.

Put Together a Portfolio
Every photographer needs a portfolio to showcase his or her work. Choose your images very carefully. They need to be breathtaking to really attract the attention of potential clients. Create a blog or online portfolio so your work can be accessed easily.

Bird of Gloom

‘Bird Of Gloom’

Get Some Experience
Most photographers have to start off on quite a small scale and build up their experience gradually. One way to gain some valuable recognition and perhaps even some material for your portfolio is to volunteer your services for free at local events.

Online Presence
As a freelancer you will need to work hard to secure work, at least at first. Invest some time and money into developing an awe-inspiring website and boost your online presence through social networking. Tell your friends and family to spread the word. Be proactive wherever possible. Look at displaying your work in local galleries and through online forums. You could even send some interesting images to your local paper. Once you have achieved fame locally, it’s time to start casting your net further afield.

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