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Hi, my name is Alan – welcome to Learning The Light (LTL). As you’re no doubt aware, there are hundreds and thousands of photography websites out there on the web, and you may be thinking why do we need another one? Well, I wanted to start a website where I could share my progress as a (total) amateur photographer, sharing the tips and tricks that I have found particularly useful, and hopefully showing better and better images as time goes on.

There are plenty of sites with amazing portfolios of work, but this isn’t one of them! In time, hopefully, my photos will get better – and this is what Learning The Light is all about. I’m really into learning as much as I can about this digital art form, so I’ll be posting all the interesting and useful tidbits of info I can get my hands onĀ  – so, hopefully, we’ll be learning together.

I’ll also be posting personal reviews of the equipment/books/websites etc that I use, as well as a host of other photography-related goodness.

So, if you’re starting out in the world of digital photography – perhaps you’re thinking of joining the SLR club, or just want to make your shots that much better – stick with me at Learning The Light, and together we’ll turn our snapshots into great shots.

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